Assignments March 27-April 3rd

Welcome Back! It’s all downhill from here and it will go quickly, buckle your seatbelts and let’s GO!

Due Block: Quotery T3 Week #4 “A house divided…”

Due Monday (end of the period): Reading Notes 22, “The Civil War.”


Assignments March 13th-17th

Due Tuesday: Geography, Politics & Progress Timeline/Study Guide Due

UNIT TEST Tuesday: You CAN use your timeline/study guide on the test.

Due BLOCK: pp. 198-200 Geography Challenge (read textbook pp. 398-399 to complete).

Last Day for missing and late for the last unit will be Tuesday, March 28th.

Enjoy your Spring Break!

Assignments Feb. 6th-14th

Due Monday: pp. 117-118

Due Tuesday: Preread chp. 20 (in color)

Due Tuesday, Feb. 14th: pp. 187-192 due end of the period.

Due Block end of the period: Analyzing Primary Evidence- The Lives of Black People in Antebellum America.

Your Trimester Two Project is due February 16/17 on Block.