Assignments May 1st-May 14th

Due Monday: Paragraph #6 “What We Eat” with a copy of what you plan to make for Cultural Heritage Week.

Due Tuesday: Quotery Week 7 “From her beacon-hand glows world-wide welcome…”

Due Wednesday: Reading Notes pp. 261-262

Due Block: Paragraph #7 “What I Want to Carry On”

Due Friday: The last day for late or revised work on the Civil War is Friday at break.

Due Monday (5/8): Trimester Three Project: Rough Draft

Due Wednesday (5/10): Trimester Three Project

Requirements: Family History Notebook (1 inch), Pedigree Charts, Family Group Sheets, Interviews (3), Artifacts (3), 7 paragraph essay, Family Recipe (printed).

Due Block (5-11/12): Cultural Heritage Days-Presentations and the Sharing of Family Food Favorites. Please bring serving utensils. Paper goods will be provided.


Assignments 4/24-5/1

Due Monday: Paragraph #4 “What We Believe.”

Due Monday: I.N. p. 239 (all).

Due Tuesday: At the Movies, “Dances with Wolves”

Due BLOCK: Paragraph #5, “How We Celebrate”

Due Monday (5/1): Paragraph #6 “What We Eat” (This includes bringing in a copy of the recipe you plan to make for Cultural Heritage Week).

Assignments 4/10-4/21

Due Monday: Cultural Heritage (C.H.) Choose the branch of the family you want to write about.

Due Block: Paragraph #1 (C.H.) “What’s in a Name?”

Due Monday: Paragraph #2 (C.H.) “How’d We Get Here?”

Due Tuesday: Reading Notes 23 pp. 219-224 (all) + Current Event #12 on Modern Day Slavery

Due Wednesday: Study Guide Chp. 21-23 and Review Game Click link:


Block: Unit Test: The Civil War

Due Block (end of the period): Paragraph #3 (C.H.) “What We Do.”

Assignments April 4th-10th

Due Tuesday: Reading Notes Chp. 22

Due Block: Quotery T3 Week #5 “With Malice Towards None…”

Due Monday: T3 Project-Pick your branch of the Family Tree (one excellent paragraph).


Assignments March 13th-17th

Due Tuesday: Geography, Politics & Progress Timeline/Study Guide Due

UNIT TEST Tuesday: You CAN use your timeline/study guide on the test.

Due BLOCK: pp. 198-200 Geography Challenge (read textbook pp. 398-399 to complete).

Last Day for missing and late for the last unit will be Tuesday, March 28th.

Enjoy your Spring Break!