Assignments March 26th-30th

Due BLOCK end of the period: At the Movies “Whispers of Angels”

Due Monday: Reading Further “Harriet Tubman, Moses of the Underground Railroad” (textbook pp. 390-393) then complete pp. 193-194 in your interactive notebook.

Due Tuesday: Reading Notes Chapter 20

Enjoy your Spring Break!



Assignments Feb. 20th-Mar. 2nd

Due Block 2/22-23: Trimester Two Project–Launching a New Republic at the end of the period

Due Block 2/22-23: Quotery #5 “We are all Federalists”

Due Wed. 2/28: Study Guide for the Unit Test

Wednesday: Review Game

Block 3/1-3/2: Unit Test: Launching a New Republic

March 2nd: End of Trimester Two!