Assignments March 13th-17th

Due Tuesday: Geography, Politics & Progress Timeline/Study Guide Due

UNIT TEST Tuesday: You CAN use your timeline/study guide on the test.

Due BLOCK: pp. 198-200 Geography Challenge (read textbook pp. 398-399 to complete).

Last Day for missing and late for the last unit will be Tuesday, March 28th.

Enjoy your Spring Break!

Assignments Feb. 6th-14th

Due Monday: pp. 117-118

Due Tuesday: Preread chp. 20 (in color)

Due Tuesday, Feb. 14th: pp. 187-192 due end of the period.

Due Block end of the period: Analyzing Primary Evidence- The Lives of Black People in Antebellum America.

Your Trimester Two Project is due February 16/17 on Block. 

Assignments: January 30th-February 6th

Due Monday: pp. 114-115 with doodle notes, p. 142 (15.3) and p. 144 (15.5)

Quiz on Monday on chp. 11, 12 and part of 15 (15.3 and 15.5)

Due Tuesday: We finished pp. 119-123 in class last week, if you were absent these are due for you. You need to show them to me at break.

Keep working on Part V. of your Trimester Two Project: The Era of Good Feelings due on Block Feb. 16th or 17th.

Last day for any missing or late work from Chp. 11-13 is Monday, February 6th. This includes quiz revisions.

Due Monday: Read textbook pp. 238-241 then complete pp. 117-118 from your Interactive Notebook (I.N.).

Assignments January 24th-30th

Due Tuesday: Quotery Week #7 “Conscience”

Due Block: Current Event #9 “Most of You Have No Idea What Martin Luther King Did” by Hamden Rice

Due Monday: pp. 114-115 & 142 (15.3) & 144 (15.5) Quiz on the following: -Political parties in 1800 -leaders and platform of each party -The Monroe presidency & The Monroe Doctrine

Due Monday: Trimester Two Project: “The Era of Good Feelings” Part I-IV (end of the period).



Assignments January 10-17th

Happy New Year!

Welcome back, everyone.

Due Tuesday: Quotery Week #5 “First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen.”

Due Tuesday (1/17): Immigration Project Part I