Assignments Nov. 13 – Dec. 1st

Due Tuesday, November 14th: American Revolution Trading Cards Paragraphs 6-10.

Due BLOCK (11/16-17): American Revolution Trading Cards Paragraphs 11-15.

Due Tuesday, November 28th: American Revolution Trading Cards Paragraphs 16-20

Due BLOCK (11/30-12/1): 20 American Revolution Trading Cards (100 points!)

Click link for another copy of guidelines and rubric. Please double check that your project has all required elements.



Assignments November 6th-9th

Due Monday:  Trading Cards Part 1 (pick your 20 subjects). Click the link to download another copy of the guidelines and milestone due dates.


Due Tuesday Declaration of Independence for 5th Graders: PRESENTATIONS.

Due Thursday: American Revolution Trading Cards Part II: First 5 paragraphs

**No late work will be accepted on the Trading Card Project. Milestone due dates are credit/no credit to ensure students stay current with their work.**

Assignments October 2-9

Ms. Le Donne Returns!
Yay! Thank you for all your well wishes, cards and flowers. They are so appreciated.

Due Tuesday: Preread Chapter 5 (sketches in color)

Due Block: p. 43 #1-3

Due Monday: p. 45 #1 and p. 46 all

Welcome to a New School Year!

Hello and welcome to another school year, how exciting!

If you’re the early bird who is after the worm, the link below will allow you to download my classroom guidelines, which includes a list of supplies we’ll be using this year.

Classroom Guidelines 2017-18

If you are interested in our Washington DC Trip during Spring Break 2018, please come to our first student meeting at lunch on Wednesday, August 23rd to pick up your application packet. You can find more information by clicking Washington DC Trip 2018 on the menu bar of this site. We will be having our first parents meeting on August 24th after Back to School Night in Room 3. This meeting is mandatory if you would like to come on our trip as a chaperone.

Students, see you August 16th!

Ms. Le Donne 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 7.56.12 PM

Cultural Heritage Week

Due Monday (5/8): Trimester Three Project: Rough Draft printed.

Due Wednesday (5/10): Trimester Three Project

Requirements: Family History Notebook (1 inch), Pedigree Charts, Family Group Sheets, Interviews (3), Artifacts (3), 7 paragraph essay, Family Recipe (printed).

Due Block (5-11/12): Cultural Heritage Days-Presentations and the Sharing of Family Food Favorites. Please bring serving utensils. Paper goods will be provided. PLEASE BRING FOOD DIRECTLY TO ROOM 3 (NOT THE OFFICE).